About Our Famous Birthday Cake

Did you know it was an accident?!

That's right, our famous Birthday Cake, the Best Birthday Cake in NYC (according to Grubstreet, and our devoted customers) came about by a simple error...

Hours before the opening party for our friends and family, our baker Lindsey baked a cake for us to serve at the celebration. But when she took the layers out of the oven, they all sank! Without time to bake more we just lopped off the tops of each cake round and frosted them anyway. It turned out she had inadvertently omitted almost half of the flour that the original recipe had called for, and in doing so had created the best vanilla cake recipe we had ever tasted. We immediately adjusted the recipe to the "mistake" version and still bake it this way at the shop. It's basically the definition of a happy accident. 

We like to make a statement with our cakes, and so do our customers, check out some of our favorite messages ever written on our cakes and then come up with your own!