This season we're bringing out the boombox to highlight the coolest women musicians of the 90s.

Join us for the launch of our new Fall Menu this Monday 10/1 and sip on a Cranberry Zombie, Tikini Kill, or a 32 Flavors & Then Some while rocking out to the best 90s jams of all time! 

Check out this Menu!

I’m a Bitch 

This frozen penicillin variation gets a double hit of savory smoke from Copper Dog Scotch and Amaro Sfumato. Perfect if you’re a bitch, a lover, not a child, a mother, a sinner, a saint - do not feel ashamed!

Frozen Fiona Apple

Frozen (BOOZE-FREE!) local apple cider, lightly spiced. Like autumn in a glass, paying homage to the best apples: Fiona and New York! 8

Have you been a bad, bad girl? 

Add a shot of Old New Orleans Spiced Rum, or our house-made
Ring of Fireball! +$6

Everything is Everything

Combo of the 2 frozies

What’s Up

Hey! What’s going on? Try this slammable Aloo vodka cocktail, with LoFi Sweet Vermouth, figs, ginger, and citrus – it’s basically a Fall House Party Punch. Heyyyyaayyyayyyayeah!


Brockmans Gin fronts this salty, grapefruity greyhound variation that tastes almost exactly like a Sweet Tart?! Say that you love me!

Amor Prohibido

This Montelobos Mezcal sour is dreamy, creamy, smoky, with a citrus refrain. Have enough and you’ll be swaying them hips just like Selena!

Tikini Kill

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to drink a rum-soaked pineapple upside down cake, you’re welcome.

Cranberry Zombie

We’re doing Friendsgiving in Miami! St George Citrus Vodka invited Bols Genever, Falernum invited cranberry, and citrus just came for the beach.  

32 Flavors and Then Some

Balcones 100% Rye Whiskey (which tastes just like eating a cacao nib) is the headliner of this kitchen sink of stirred spirits (dark rum, chicory, sherry, you name it). The cocktail nerd’s cocktail!